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McDonough City Council, At Large

 November 2,  2021

Early Voting  

October 12 - 29 


As a candidate for McDonough City Council Member, at Large, I will be an advocate and a voice for all citizens of the City of McDonough.  I will collaborate and work with the Mayor and all City Council members to help improve the quality of life for our citizens of McDonough by advocating for the following:

  • Community Center(s) for our residents/youth;
  • Summer employment/internships for our high school students;
  • An amphitheater for the residents of the City of McDonough;
  • Educational seminars for our residents;
  • Town hall meetings to keep our citizens informed; thus

Creating a “live/work/play” balance for our McDonough citizens.



Vanessa W. Thomas  


 A resident of Georgia for the past 36 years.

Born and raised from a military family.  Father retired U.S. Air Force, brother retired U.S. Army, sister, 14 year veteran, U.S. Air Force, son-in-law, 3 year veteran, U.S. Navy and ex-husband 8 year veteran U.S. Army.   

More than 30 years as a  public servant.

Retired from U.S. Federal Government service;


 Registered Mediator;

 Administrative Supervisor.


Held government positions in U.S. Dept of Justice (U.S. Trustee's Office), U.S. Dept of Army (Staff Judge Advocate Office, Courts & Boards), U.S. Dept of Transportation and Clayton County Solicitor General's Office.

Paralegal and Notary Public. Prepared and filed/recorded all forms of legal documentation including powers of attorney, name changes, quitclaim deeds, executive deeds, administrative and warranty deeds, divorces, litigation pleadings for discovery, child support modifications, Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies.

Filed legal documents in appropriate county, state and federal court systems within the state of Georgia.

Recorded and prepared summaries of depositions and administrative hearings.

Reviewed and interpreted regulations, laws and case law to analyze facts, identify problems, findings and conclusions when preparing legal briefs, pleadings and correspondence.

Performed legal research of regulations governing alleged violations, i.e. United States Code (USC) and Official Code Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A). Researched, shepardized and cited pertinent case law.

Executive Legal Administrator.  Responsible for calendaring, scheduling and maintaining the records for the Pre-Trial Diversion Program. Responsible for payroll and budget. 

Administrative Supervisor. Responsible for overseeing administrative processes and programs in the areas of staffing/personnel, labor relations, budget, payroll, purchase card and acquisition, travel and property management.

Volunteer Director Legal Resource Ministry. Formulated a legal resource ministry by providing information and seminars in criminal justice, wills and trusts, business corporations and patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Management & Program Analyst.  Reviewed and interpreted policies. Performed manpower staffing studies and wrote executive summaries. 

Registered Mediator. Mediated disputes in EEO cases. 


Graduate, University of Louisville – Office Administration

Graduate, National Center for Paralegal Training - Certification Program

Graduate, Clayton State University, Paralegal Studies - Certificate Program

Certificate of Completion, Human Resources;

Certificate of Completion, Leadership Management

31 year member of World Changers Church International  (WCCI) 


As former WCCI Volunteer Legal Resource Ministry Director, formulated the first Legal Resource Ministry.

  • Initiated a legal resource information center;
  • Initiated seminars on criminal justice, patents, trademarks and copyrights, estate planning (wills and probate), business corporations and family law;
  • Current HOA Board President;
  • Former Board Member, City of McDonough, Board of Zoning Appeals;
  • Former Board Chair, Henry County, Henry First, Inc.;
  • Graduate from City of McDonough 101;
  • Graduate from Henry County Citizens Academy; 
  • Graduate of Leadership Henry Class of 2020;
  • Attendee and active citizen at McDonough City Council meetings;
  • Attendee and active citizen at Henry County Board of Commissioner meetings.
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